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Cotecna Group Releases the Latest Short Film of Kaixin Certification

KCB News    |    1970-01-01

Kaixin Certification under Cotecna GroupIt is a third-party certification body recognized by both the China Accreditation Service and the US Accreditation Service,betakeManagement system certification, agricultural food certification, sustainable certification, information security and intellectual property certification, audit and customized solutionsBusiness in other fields。

Since 2020, Kaixin Certification has successively won the EU organic certification, the Global Wind Energy Organization (GWO) and FSSC    & nbsp; 22000 food safety system, information security management system (ISMS), information technology service management system (ITSMS), textile exchange (TE), global organic textile standards (GOTS) and many other international certification qualifications, continue to expand the scope of business and improve the business network to Contribute to the sustainable development of economic efficiency, environmental friendliness and social responsibility

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