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Brand Certification

The brand authentication

Certification introduction:

As the "famous trademark" and "Chinese famous brand products" withdraw from the stage of history, the brand certification emerges at the historic moment. Brand evaluation certification for commercial enterprises is carried out under the situation of implementing the national strategic policy of "brand strength" and implementing the state council document no. 26, 2014. All legal business within the territory of the People's Republic of China can apply for certification, including manufacture tangible goods enterprises, sales of tangible goods, provide intangible product (service).

Benefits of implementing brand certification:

Improve product selling points. Authoritative brand certification verifies the performance of products to a certain extent, and plays a role in polishing the highlights of products.

Attract consumers' attention. Authoritative brand recognition certificate will quickly win consumers' trust in the brand and play a leading role in consumption.

Boost business confidence. Authoritative brand certification to a certain extent affirmed the enterprise's efforts and efforts to promote the steady development of enterprises.


It is applicable to enterprises with formal business license or agents with authorization letter of brand agency.

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