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Integrity Management System

Integrity management system certification

Certification introduction:

The construction of enterprise credit management system is an important part of the construction of social credit system. Establishing the credit management system is a strategic decision of enterprises. In the help of various type and size of enterprises to establish effective credit management system operation, by the good faith management system effective operation, help enterprises to balance and coordinate all social relations, bear social responsibility, thus achieve the goal of continuous improve the level of enterprise credibility. For this reason, relevant departments of the state formulated the GB/ t31950-2015 national standard of enterprise integrity management system, which was issued on September 21, 2015 and officially implemented on January 1, 2016. This standard specifies the principle of integrity management and process method of building enterprise credit management system, from planning, support process, management implementation, check and analysis and continuous improvement in several aspects, elaborated the enterprise credit management system from construction, implementation and operation to audit the implementation of the method. Make each enterprise according to the standard set up corresponding enterprise credit management system, by the good faith system according to the plan (P), (D), (C) to examine and improve the mode of the (A) automatic self discipline run enterprise credit management system, improve the level of the enterprise good faith construction, improve enterprise credit culture, increase the enterprise good faith consciousness, be honest businessman, to ensure the good faith management, create brand integrity, developing the local economy.


The state council "the social credit system construction plan outline (2014-2020)", requiring companies to establish "enterprise credit management system construction", for "local credit construction comprehensive demonstration" and "construction propulsion mechanism of local government". GB/T31950-2015 "enterprise credit management system" is an important part of social good faith construction, its subject is the enterprise credit management system construction, and to continue to strengthen the honesty construction industry enterprises, assume responsibility for the theme of the enterprise credit management system construction, to perform the social responsibility of the social credit system construction, promote the industry self-discipline, create better social and economic benefits for the enterprise, cassim certification company for each type and size of enterprises to provide the good faith management system certification, and the evaluation of the enterprise comprehensive credit propulsion, certification work.

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