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China Forest Certification CFCC

The Chinese government has established the China Forest Certification Commission, and has also developed the China forest certification project in conformity with China`s national conditions–China Forest Certification (CFCC). China Forest Certification (CFCC) is a certification work under Forest Certification Rules. The scope of forest certification includes forest management certification, chain of custody certification, non-timber forest products management certification, bamboo management certification, service certification of forest ecological environment in nature reserves, service certification of forest ecological environment in forest parks, breeding and management certification of production-and-management-type rare and endangered wild animals, etc. following the principle of sustainable management, China Forest Certification (CFCC) carries out certification work on forest environment and forest management. The certification of non-timber forest products mentioned above is a management certification. Timber and wooden products can be certified according to CFCC forest management certification standard and COC standard. CFCC project has been mutually recognized with PEFC, which means that all CFCC certified timber and wood products also get PEFC certification.

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