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Contact Us

Contact Us

If you have any questions about KCB and our media relations activities, please dial: 400 616 1189

General Manager:
8610 - 6551 2190

Manager Representative:
8610 - 6553 3099

Vice General Manager:
8610 - 6552 8538

Market Distribution
  • Zhejiang Marketing Department

    Contacts:Mr. Zhang Tel:13801331236 Email:178976373@qq.com
  • Anhui Marketing Dapartment

    Contacts:Mr. Ding Tel:13601366689 Email:kcbsibu@kcb-china.com
  • Jiangxi Marketing Department

    Contacts:Mr. Shi Tel:13970888175 Email:13970888175@163.com
  • ShanDong Marketing Department

    Contacts:Mr. Jiang Tel:13811286085 Email:kcbjianglin@kcb-china.com
  • Tianjin Marketing Department

    Contacts:Mr. Wang Tel:13820151588 Email:13512059100@163.com
  • Zhengzhou Marketing Department

    Contacts:Mr. Zi Tel:13613825040 Email:kcbcxd@kcb-china.com
  • Hebei regional representative

    Contacts:Mr. Deng Tel:13223518588 Email:bjweilesi@126.com
  • Henan regional representative

    Contacts:Mr. Gan Tel:13837181359 Email:gzw789@tom.com
  • Jiangsu regional representative

    Contacts:Mr. Yuan Tel:13182884434 Email:yanzhaofengyun@sohu.com
  • Liaoning regional representative

    Contacts:Mr. Chen Tel:18210879552 Email:ivychen@kcb-china.com
  • Sichuanregional representative

    Contacts:Mr. Zhang Tel:13708071949 Email:zl@kcb-china.com

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